Café Rio Recipes

Hope all who are away from Café Rio can enjoy these recipes. I got them from Amy Chappell. She said it is a pretty good fix for the real deal.

Café Rio Pork

3-5 lb Pork Loin or Pork Roast
1 ½ cans coke classic
1 c. sugar
7oz can chipotle chilies in adobo sauce –provides a lot of heat (or plain adobo sauce for sweeter sauce)
1 tsp dry ground mustard heaping
1 tsp heaping cumin
1 tsp minced garlic

Remove the chilies (throw chilies away) from adobo sauce add all ingredients except pork in a blender. Rinse can of adobo sauce with coke to get all the sauce out. Blend in blender until well mixed place pork in crock pot and pour sauce over it. Cook for 4-6 on high or 7-9 hours on low.

Carefully turn roast over halfway through. Cook in sauce until it is pull apart tender and shred. Put shredded meat back into sauce. Serve over rice, on a salad, or in a tortilla!

Yummy Rice

1 c. rice
2 c. water
3 cubes chicken boullion
½ tsp dried onion
¼ bunch cilantro
1 tbsp oil
1 fresh lime

Cook rice with all ingredients in pot or rice cooker. Squeeze fresh lime juice over rice and mix lightly before serving.

Creamy Cilantro Salad Dressing

1 envelope buttermilk ranch dressing
1 c. mayo
1 c. milk
½ bunch cilantro
2 tomatillos
½ serano pepper with seeds removed (adds heat)

Blend in blender, let sit to thicken. Dressing contines to get hotter when it is stored in the fridge.


Alifinale said...

Yum...I can't wait to try it out! Thanks! I miss the Rio oh so much.

aubrey said...

I tried all 3 of these recipes yesterday...

Pork: very yummy, but it didn't really taste like cafe rio. Too sugary-sweet, I might try it with brown sugar next time, and less coke.

Rice: AMAZING!! Tasted EXACTLY like cafe rio, I could make a meal of the rice alone. Very tasty stuff.

Dressing: very bland with amounts given (the mayo was very noticeable); I doubled the cilantro, added another tomatillo and another 1/2 pepper - it helped. It was pretty similar to Cafe Rio.

Jen said...

ok, you don't know me but I was blog hopping and found you. I just wanted to add my opinion on the sweet pork...brown sugar works great, I like it better than white. Also, I usually use Coke but I've heard Dr. Pepper is good too.

Survey said...

Cafe Rio Survey

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