Corn Salsa


This is an all-time fav. I am not sure which of you have had this or who already has the recipe but it is delish and when you bring it anywhere everyone will want the recipe. While it is so good to just eat with chips, a great dinner is to put this on a salad with some grilled chicken.

1 pkg Good Seasons Italian Dressing (make as directed)
1 can corn, drained
1 can black-eyed peas (or black beans are good too), drained and rinsed.
5 medium tomatoes, diced
1/4 -1/2 bunch cilantro, finely chopped
3-4 green onions, sliced
1 avocado, chopped

You can make the Italian Dressing according to directions and can use whatever vinegar you would like. I, however, make it with 1/3 c. white vinegar and 1/3 c. salad oil and don't add the water. Then, add the remaining ingredients to you liking.


Chappell Family said...

Love this one!!! Thanks Al

RACHIE said...

I also use this recipe but I use shoepeg corn. I serve them with tortilla "hint of lime" chips. So Yummy!

Tastes of Home said...


I am not sure how I found this recipe blog, but I have it as a link on my recipe blog. You are welcome to stop by and check it out!


Jaclyn said...

I love this recipe and make it all the time. Everyone always asks me for the recipe.

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