Authentic Mexican Burnt Salsa

8-10 roma tomatoes
1-2 jalepenos
1 medium onion
3/4 t. lime pepper (or lemon pepper)
3/4 t. Lawry's seasoning salt
3/4 t. Lawry's garlic salt
3/4 t. salt
1 dash oregano
1/2 t. dried cilantro
1 can diced tomatoes
1/2 bunch cilantro (chopped)

Place roma tomatoes, jalepenos and onion in a frying pan on high heat. You can half the onion and depending on how hot the jalepenos are, you may want to de-vein them. Let the vegetables burn! You will want to turn them every once in a while to get a lot of the outsides nice and black. Remove from the pan and place in a bowl. Refrigerate until cool. Add remaining ingredients and blend together in a blender or using a hand held Braun.

Enjoy with chips. Your friends will be impressed, this is a real mexican recipe!


Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

yum! that sounds delicious.

Janet said...

I had the pleasure of tasting this in Galena last weekend and it is delicious.

Thank you for the step-by-step pictures!

Jaclyn said...

I made this and it was delicious! Very easy, too.

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