Ryan's Cheesecake

After attending a few cooking classes Ryan thinks he is the best cook. Ryan makes this cheesecake a couple times a year. I must say, this cheesecake is DIVINE!!

1 Pound Graham Cracker Crumbs
6 ounces melted, unsalted butter (approx)
3 pounds, 7 ounces cream cheese at room temperature
7 eggs at room temperature
1 pound sugar
3 pounds sour cream
7 ounces sugar
1. Mix the graham cracker crumbs with the melted butter. Divide the mixture between two ten inch spring foam pans, covering the bottom of the pans with foil, and pat the crumbs even with your hands.
2. Soften the cream cheese in a mixer on low speed until it has a smooth consistency. Take care not to incorporate too much air or you will end up with a dry and crumbly cheesecake.
3. Lightly mix the eggs and 1 pound of sugar, stirring them together by hand. Gradually add the egg mixture to the cream cheese, scraping the bottom and sides of the mixing bowl frequently to avoid lumps. Divide the batter between the prepared pans and spread out evenly.
4. Bake at 375 degree oven until done -- about 35 minutes. The filling should move in one mass inside the forms when shaken gently. If it moves more in the center than on the sides, continue baking. The cakes will become firmer once they have cooled, so do not over bake them.
5. Mix the sour cream with the remaining 7 ounces of sugar. Divide the mixture between the baked cakes. You can do this as soon as they are baked, but we careful not to damage the tops of the cakes when you pour on the sour cream mixture.
*Makes 2 - 10 inch cheesecakes*
Recipe originally from Bryan Woolley

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Alifinale said...

Ok, this sounds sinfully good. I love all the sour cream. Thanks for sharing!

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