Fabulous Birthday Cake

2 cake mixes (white or yellow)
1 sm. pkg. banana pudding
1 sm. pkg. vanilla pudding
1 lg. cool whip
8 oz. cream cheese (room temp.)
bananas (sliced)
berries of choice (sliced if needed)

We need three round layers so, actually you can use 1/2 of one mix for something else - cupcakes maybe. Make cake mixes according to the directions (see trick below). Let cool.

Little Cake Trick: when making a cake from a mix you can substitute a cup of the water for a cup of milk and substitute the remaining water for sour cream. It makes a much yummier moist cake.

Make banana pudding according to pie filling directions. Spread on top of the bottom layer of the cake. Top with sliced bananas and berries. Add second cake round.

Mix together cool whip, pkg of vanilla pudding and cream cheese. Beat until creamy. Spread part of mixture on top of the second cake layer. Top with berries. Place third cake round on top.

Frost top and sides of the cake with remaining creamy mixture and place remaining berries all around - make it pretty.


1 comment:

Alifinale said...

Oh that cake looks to die for. I think I need to make that even without it being a birthday!

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