Monsters & Eyeballs

Spooky Eyeballs
an easy spooky treat!

Rice Krispie Treats
(1/4 C. butter, 1 pkg mini marshmallows, 8 1/2 C. Rice Krispies)
Sugar Cookie Icing
(1 C. Powdered Sugar, 3-4 tsp milk, 1 tsp almond extract, 2 tsp corn syrup)
Food Coloring
Chocolate Chips or M&M's

As your rice krispie treats cool coat your hands in oil and press them firmly into balls. Allow to cool and harden on a greased pan. Dip in uncolored icing smoothing it with your fingers or a spatula and allow it to harden. Drizzle with red icing for "Bloodshot" effect. I'd use a stiffer frosting for the iris but you can just add extra powdered sugar to the above recipe and add your choice of food coloring. Top with an inverted chocolate chip and voila!

Awkward-phase Monster
I've dubbed my monster to be in his awkward phase to account for his asymmetry, goofy expression and snaggly teeth.

Use the same recipes as above, just form the rice kripsies into the desired shape and use all different colors of frosting. I used candy corn for his chompers and finger nails.

Happy Halloween!

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