The Best Fruit Dip

This fruit dip is even better than my mom's yummy fruit dip that I have loved for years... Seriously, once you try it, you will switch. A bunch of gals in my ward make this dip. I had to have the recipe after eating it a couple of times at Baby Showers, etc. Now, follow the instructions. You can't just throw everything in the Bosch like I did the first time I made it.

Beat the following until fluffy.

8 oz. pkg. cream cheese
1 c. powdered sugar

Add, the following, and then blend until smooth.

1 small pkg. instant vanilla pudding
1 c. milk

Gently fold in

1 container cool whip

Serve with your favorite fruit. I almost always serve it with strawberries, apples and bananas.


Jacquee said...

I can attest. It's seriously delish

Heather said...

Made this last night and my husband and daughters went nuts over it! Thanks!

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