Coconut Milk Pancakes


I am not sure who started making these pancakes in our family first. It may have been my brother, Quinton or my Mom, who is obsessed with everything coconut, but now we all make our pancakes this way.


2 c. Krusteaz buttermilk mix
3/4 c. coconut milk
1 1/2 c. water (you can use less if you want)

When you are making pancakes from a mix, you can spruce them up a little bit by using coconut milk as part of your liquid. I generally buy the large Krusteaz mix from Costco, so that is what I use, but I am sure you can use your favorite in the same way. The Krusteaz mix simply calls for adding water to the mix (Ratio: 1 cup mix, 3/4 cup water). What I do is make the mix according to directions but substitute half of the water for coconut milk. Then I add the rest of the water. I like runny pancake batter, so from there I add more and more water until I like the texture. For me, about a third of the liquid is coconut milk. You can see what combo you like, but above is the recipe I use.


Q-Money said...

That would be me. I have recently tweaked it a tiny bit. I still use Krusteaz, but I now us coconut water and coconut cream powder so that I can mix it cold. Also, add 1 egg per 4 servings. To prepare it I will refrigerate the coconut water and mix it with coconut cream powder. The key is to mix it very cold and very thick. This way they fluff up dramatically. Plus I will oil the griddle with vanilla bean olive oil. It is cash money!!! Just ask Gibson. He literally had these pancakes for 8 different meals this past week. Total junkie.

Beckie said...

yum! Marlee wants to try these!!

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