Chicken Bacon Tacos


Our friends had us over for dinner and this is how they make tacos - with bacon! Why have I never done this before? I love breakfast tacos with eggs and bacon, I love dinner tacos with chicken. Why not take bacon and add it to dinner tacos? Well, now we have. Another thing that they did with their tacos was they put chunks of cucumbers in them. I don't usually like lettuce in my tacos. Warm lettuce is gross, but the cucumber was fresh and crunchy and didn't get warm. I really liked it.

yummy tortillas (I buy the cook at home ones at Wal-mart)
1 rotisserie chicken
cucumber, peeled and cut into chunks
cheddar cheese
sour cream
salsa (I used this one: Small Simple Salsa)

In a pan or on a skillet, cook bacon and cut into pieces. Add chicken meat and warm through mixing with already cooked bacon. Done. Now build your taco how you like it.


1 comment:

Kara Jones said...

(chicken bacon) sounds weird together. a yummy looking taco nontheless.

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