Green Chile Chick'n Salad [Vegan]

Well, it happened. We've done too much research and watched a one or two documentaries too many. We've become casual vegans at our house. It's for health reasons: focusing on a more plant-based diet. But I've been pleasantly surprised by how smooth its been going. We're still in transition but my 3 year old really doesn't seem to care. Now, I say "casual" vegans because not only do I believe that we can and should eat all things in moderation, but I'm also human and I don't want to make my life ridiculously difficult when we leave the house, which is pretty often and in a hurry. Therefore, my goal is to be completely vegan at home and more relaxed elsewhere. For now :-)

Not all the recipes I've tried have been a hit, but I invented this one this afternoon to resemble the green chili,  mayo and shredded cheese goo I remember having a few time as a kid. This totally hit the spot. Nothing lacking in the flavor or texture departments. It could certainly be healthier (on a green salad maybe?) and less processed (I'm looking at you Vegannaise). But still, it's my new fav:

Green Chile Chick'n Salad
1 can Chickpeas, drained and rinsed
1 large can diced green chilies
1/2 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp chipotle chili powder
2 Tbl Nutritional Yeast (optional, for cheesy flavor)
2-3 Tbl Vegannaise
Liquid smoke, black pepper & garlic salt to taste

Instructions (it's pretty difficult so try to keep up):
Combine it all in a bowl. Hurry and find a piece of bread or a tortilla to slop it on!


Lizzie's Clog (or the misadventures of Lizzie Tilley) said...

This looks like one for us

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