Green Smoothies Simplified

I just wanted to share my latest and greatest green smoothie trick. All the credit goes here:

Basically, you assemble your green smoothies in a ziploc in reverse order and freeze it.

Fruit (fresh or frozen) on bottom
Greens on top.

You can make tons of Ready-to-Blend smoothies and keep them in the freezer. I don't have a fancy-pants blender so I blend my greens first (conveniently located at the TOP of my ziploc bag). Add a fresh banana or two (you can use frozen as well but since my blender isn't as tough I try to baby it with something room temperature in between). Then I add the frozen fruit from the bottom of the bag. No chopping. No dirty knives or cutting boards. No slimy spinach in the fridge that you didn't have time to use. And, perhaps more importantly, more room in the fridge that's NOT being occupied by a giant Costco bag of spinach.


โชติ ธรีะวิท said...

Thanks got so much inspirations.Keep it up like this,Cheers !

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